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At Rapid Record Recovery, our mission is to provide lawyers and attorneys with a less expensive and more efficient alternative to having medical record requests done in-house. Requesting, preparing, and copying medical records is all we do, so you can be confident that we're going to get the job done cheaper, faster and with better results than if they were done internally.

We guarantee that we will provide your office a level of service, communication and access to information that is unprecedented in the record retrieval field. By letting us handle your record requests, not only will you free up your staff for more important business at hand, but you will receive your records much more quickly and for less money. We can do this because we're a small business with big time tools and even bigger communication skills.

If your office is using a record retrieval service now, we understand what you're going through. We're ready to show you that the "grass really is greener on the other side".

We make sure your Requests are complete.

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